It’s 8:45 PM, and you’re calling it quits for the day. Not that you’ve finished your work. You never finish. And you’re getting no help from your big-name benefits consultant. So much for the “simple” solution they sold you. The real problem is that it’s the same solution they sell to every company your size – never mind your specific needs or the fact that you don’t have the massive internal resources required to support it. Now you’re heading home with 30 unanswered voicemails, who-knows-how many emails, and a small mountain of 1095-C’s you had planned to finish last week. The only way out of this is with more creative problem-solving, more questions answered, and more hands-on help with everyday tasks. 
And that’s why there’s Totem. Be there for everyone.


  • Totem’s innovative approach to plan design and product offering considers the client’s total benefits portfolio to maximize benefits, provide appropriate coverage, avoid over-insurance, and manage plan costs and employee premiums.
  • Totem has a proven track record working with carriers to shape and implement uncommon innovative products and plan provisions.
  • Totem’s commitment to complete understanding of our clients’ financial objectives and plan experience ensures objectives are not only met, but surpassed.
  • Continuous analysis of claims data helps facilitate appropriate plan design recommendations and highlight employee education opportunities.
  • Detailed knowledge of the customer’s claims experience is a critical component of Totem’s renewal and premium negotiations.
  • Totem manages all aspects of benefits plan service for the HR team and the client’s employees.
  • The Account Management team manages the contract review and distribution process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with ERISA regulations.
  • Totem’s superior vendor relationships and negotiating skills maximize the client’s benefits dollars while enhancing the plan benefits.
  • The Request for Proposal process includes a creative approach to plan offerings and a comprehensive comparison of plan provisions.
  • Totem understands the importance of accurate advice and compliance with ERISA law for health and welfare plans. The law is continually being refreshed to expand protections for plan participants and beneficiaries, and Totem remains a resource for legislative advice.
  • Totem customers are up-to-date regarding industry and legislative issues and their impact in benefits plans, the employees, and the employer.
  • Totem is a viewed as a reliable and informative resource for PPACA and how it impacts employers, employees, and individuals.
  • Thorough affordability analysis and recommendations are provided to ensure employer compliance and achievement of customer goals.
  • Totem’s health plan design recommendations project and manage future employer plan costs, including the Cadillac plan tax.
  • Totem clients are advised and educated on all facets of the law, including the pay or play mandate and employer reporting requirements.
  • The Benefits Services Center is trained and educated on health care reform legislation and how it impacts the employees. Employee messaging is tailored based on the employer’s PPACA strategy and objectives.


  • Totem’s team manages all plan eligibility, client reporting, and carrier reporting providing seamless, streamlined benefits administration for the HR and Benefits team.
  • Totem’s administration support team reviews and manages all benefits data, including pending life events, pending Evidence of Insurability (EOI), new employee enrollments, Annual Open Enrollments, terminations, and status changes to ensure accurate processing and reporting to carriers  and clients.
  • Totem creates, exports, and manages custom eligibility files for prompt and accurate plan enrollment in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Ad-hoc client reporting is provided on a frequency determined by the customer including:
    • Payroll reporting
    • Enrollment change reporting
    • Pending events reporting
    • Enrollment by product reporting
    • And more
  • Monthly premium reporting for facilitation of carrier premium remittance
  • A multitude of standard reports are available as PDF and excel with sorting features
  • We understand the importance of accurate and timely planning and execution of plan implementation and Annual Open Enrollment.
  • The Totem team manages the implementation and enrollment planning process, including detailed planning documents, timelines, action items, and client deliverables.
  • The Account Executive, or “quarterback” of the Totem team, leads Account Management, administration, and technology to work towards common goals during every step of the plan implementation and enrollment planning process.
  • Totem manages system updates needed for plan implementation, plan changes, mid-year enrollments, and Annual Open Enrollment.


  • Totem provides the right combination of telephonic and web-based solutions for customized employee communication strategies.
  • Totem’s non-scripted bilingual Benefits Service Center provides customized benefits and Human Resources solutions.
    • Year-round employee support for benefits and HR-related messaging
    • Enrollments, claims inquiries, demographic updates, life events, beneficiary updates, and more
    • Representatives are trained to educate, counsel, and serve
    • Website navigation support
    • Outbound call campaigns for targeted messaging available
    • Extended service hours available
  • Totem Tools, Totem’s best-in-class enrollment platform, is used for employee self-service
  • Real-time, 24/7 web-based solution for automated employee service
  • Real-time system access by Benefits Specialists in Totem’s Benefits Service Center, facilitating seamless and efficient employee support
  • Employee-friendly and easy to navigate, enhancing the employee experience
  • Customized homepage, product descriptions, and new employee enrollment reminders
  • Access to links, documents, and forms
  • Automated employee email generation prior to, during and following enrollment including Confirmation Statement issuance and transmittal
  • Management of class/location product eligibility rules
  • Varying levels of HR/benefits team access based on client-specific requirements
  • Employee Notes repository including date/time stamp
  • Sophisticated telephonic technology facilitates exemplary service and superior reporting and tracking
  • All calls recorded with digital call export capability
  • Robust client reporting to identify callers, reason(s) for calls, average speed of answer, call trends, and more
  • Customized phone-tree for appropriate routing of calls and reporting
  • Visible ongoing call activity for volume analysis and maximum efficiency
  • Totem works closely with the customer to develop a benefits communication strategy based on corporate goals, culture, and employee demographics.
  • Totem communication materials take an educational and creative approach, with employee-centered pieces that are engaging and easy to understand.
  • Communications are created in a variety of print and digital formats, including benefits website design and management.
  • Our communications are catered for the customer and the specific messages(s) being conveyed.

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