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Wellness Facilitation

Are you struggling with wellness program compliance and engagement? We can help. 

For a wellness program to be successful, employees need to be adequately educated and engaged without draining the resources of the HR and Benefits teams. Employers need actionable reporting and transmission of data to the right vendors to make an impact on healthcare costs and population health. With Totem, we can help you get there. 

Wellness Facilitation Services

  • We offer development and management of a client-specific wellness platform, including program requirements and incentive data
  • Our multi-channel approach uses text messages, email, and phone calls to educate, support, and engage employees
  • We offer outbound program education for new employees
  • We include biometric screening appointment scheduling with providers, clinics, and labs
  • We offer to mail home test kits to employees as needed
  • We use appointment reminders and missed appointment outreach
  • We offer ongoing employee support for all wellness inquiries through the Benefits Service Center
  • We connect employees to health coaching and guiding employees through the program journey
  • Compliance incentive management is included in our plan, as well payroll reporting
  • We offer program coordination between providers, labs, and medical carriers

Wellness Program Analytics and Reporting

Through our wellness program analytics and reporting, we offer:

  • Campaign activity and progress
  • Service center interactions
  • Screening and compliance results
  • Incentive management
  • Health coaching facilitation
  • Employee health progression tracking
  • Ongoing dashboard of aggregate and subgroup compliance rates
  • Reporting and analysis on overall population health with drill down to demographic, subgroup, and individual levels
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