Be there for Boomers,

Gen-Xers, Millennials,

and Whatever’s Nexters

benefits management company
benefits management company

Totem is the benefits consulting firm that does much more than benefits consulting.

We handle everything from administration, to enrollment, to part-time benefits, and more. All so you can be there for everyone.

Too many employers get stuck with a rigid benefits-in-a-box solution that only meets some of their needs. This quickly leads to an overloaded benefits department, frustrated employees, and runaway costs that keep running. For over four decades, Totem has been giving employers a better way to be there for people with comprehensive benefits consulting. Today, all kinds of organizations, from public sector clients to Fortune 500s, rely on Totem.

Find a better way to be there for your people.

At Totem, we believe that these three things get you there:

No cookie cutter solutions.

Because no one should have to squeeze their organization into a program that was designed for someone else.

No unanswered questions.

Because no employee should be left in the dark when it comes to their benefits, and neither should your organization.

No having to go it alone.

Because no one has enough hours in the day to be their own support team, call center, IT department, and trusted advisor.

That’s why all kinds of organizations, ranging
from public sector clients to Fortune 500s, rely on Totem.

You can’t be there for everyone if your benefits-in-a-box solution only fits 64% of your workforce.