Employee Benefit Solutions for Public School Districts

Totem helps public school districts and higher education institutions be the employer of choice.


By offering better benefits for your employees, your HR staff, and your bottom line.

Be there for everyone

Become an Employer of Choice

Your HR and Benefits staff are overwhelmed. Between recruiting and retention challenges, outdated technology and limited budgets for benefits, you may feel as though you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Whether your health insurance package is offered through your state or managed at the institutional level — Totem comes alongside you to relieve the burden of benefits so that you can focus on being there for your employees.

Our comprehensive benefits administration services absorb a significant workload from your HR team, allowing them to focus on critical initiatives like recruiting and retention. Our employee-centric consulting approach and year-round employee support provide unmatched employee satisfaction.

We get where you’re coming from.

We help Public School Districts with:


Your HR & Benefits team is overloaded and overworked, unable to focus on higher level initiatives.


You’re in need of more benefit resources and high-quality support for your employees — but you’re not staffed to provide it.


You’re using outdated or glitchy technology — making tasks like managing benefits paperwork for 2,000+ employees a total time-drain.


You’re competing with online and remote education programs or neighboring districts to recruit employees.


Your employees do not understand and appreciate the value of the benefits you provide.



You’re working with limited budgets outside of your control — continually being asked to do more with less.


Our Solutions

We think outside the box with solutions that make a difference for our Education clients.

Benefits Consulting
Benefits Administration
Benefits Communication
Benefits & HR Compliance
Concierge Employee Support
HR Outsourcing

Totem’s solutions change the way Education employers approach benefits.


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annual telephonic Benefits Service Center engagement


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Why Top School Districts Choose Totem

Best Decision Ever!

“Thank you for the outstanding service Totem Solutions has provided to our employees… Best Decision Ever!” –

—Superintendent, Georgia Public School District

We've never received this kind of service.

“We should have made the move a long time ago…. We’ve never received this kind of service.”

—Payroll & Benefits Manager, Georgia Public School District

Totem is great to work with

Totem is great to work with — especially when we need assistance contacting our vendors about an issue that an employee has. We always get a quick response.

—Benefits Coordinator
Whitfield County Schools

They look out for our best interest

Our Totem team is great and provides top notch service. They look out for our best interest and work hard to advocate for our employees in various markets. They are very proactive to ensure we are well informed of market trends.

—Assistant Superintendent for HR and District Operations
Public School District

Totem meets and exceeds our expectations

Totem meets and exceeds our expectations and I cannot think of anything that they can do better. They communicate quickly and if they don’t know the answer they will find someone who does. They are friendly, helpful and understand how each school system and employee is unique.

—Benefits Coordinator
Colquitt County Schools

Easy to work with

I genuinely don’t know of anything Totem can do better. Totem provides great customer service and they are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

—Director of Human Resources,
Elgin Mayfield Houston County Schools

My expectations have always been met

My expectations have always been met and in a timely manner. Our Totem team is very helpful and knowledgeable to help with needs for our employees. I worked in Benefits before Totem, moved to Human Resources and then came back to Benefits in 2021. I share that to say that I knew life before Totem and know what it is like now with Totem support. It is very helpful!

—Benefits Specialist
Public School District


Our Mission

Be there for everyone.

You want to make sure no employee gets left behind — but you want to make sure to protect your bottom line too.

With a proven track record of employer savings and more support for the HR team, we help public sector employers be there for everyone in your organization.