Employee Benefit Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

It can be difficult to retain technicians, welders and other top talent when competing dealerships are consistently offering higher pay and even better benefits. When you combine this with the challenge of recruiting highly-skilled labor, it can seem impossible to keep employees safe, healthy and motivated.

We get where you’re coming from.

We help employers in the Automotive industry with:


Recruiting keeps you up at night – especially in a highly competitive industry requiring highly-skilled workers.


Retaining top employees is challenging as competitors continue to offer better benefits and higher pay.


Your employees lack an understanding of the value your benefits provide — and are unsure how to maximize them.

Employee Health

Your employees are prone to health challenges due to the nature and schedule of work — and many aren’t managing chronic conditions.

Proactive Care

Employees continually choose to delay or skip preventive healthcare due to the lack of understanding of benefits and health, leading to major complications.


You’re working with limited budgets outside of your control — continually being asked to do more with less when it comes to compensation and benefits.

Our Solutions

We think outside the box and implement solutions that make a difference for our Automotive clients.

Benefits Consulting
Benefits Administration
Benefits Communication
Benefits & HR Compliance
Concierge Employee Support
HR Outsourcing

Totem’s solutions change the way employers in the Automotive sector approach benefits.


decrease in employee turnover


in savings on medical spend


increase in the perception of benefits


increase in employee engagement

Why Employers of Choice Choose Totem

With me every step of the way

Having Totem as my lifeline to benefits and making sure we’re streamlining everything, we’re offering great customer service for our employees they’re with me every step of the way.

—Public Sector Employer, Director of Employee Benefits

Smart, creative, willing to sit down with you

“[I would describe Totem as] smart, creative, willing to sit down with you, understand your specific needs and come up with a range of options and solutions.”

—Public Sector Client, Former Lead Counsel

Quick to answer questions

I am happy with the service Totem is providing. They are very responsive and quick to answer questions.

—Director of Finance, Professional Services Client

They look out for our best interest

Our Totem team is great and provides top notch service. They look out for our best interest and work hard to advocate for our employees in various markets. They are very proactive to ensure we are well informed of market trends.

—Assistant Superintendent for HR and District Operations
Public School District


Our Mission

Be there for everyone.

You want to make sure no employee gets left behind — but you want to make sure to protect your bottom line too.

With a proven track record of delivering 8% to 29% in annual savings to clients who adopt our engineered health benefits that leverage data and best practice — we help you offer a winning benefits package, all while lowering your costs.