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Benefits Consulting
December 22, 2020

CHRO Champions: Finding Your ‘Why’ in HR

Before someone starts to really succeed in HR — or any field, for that matter — they have to uncover their ‘Why.’ Understanding your passion within HR is essential for…
Medical Care During COVID-19Benefits Consulting
December 22, 2020

The Importance of Continued Medical Care During COVID-19

According to the CDC, by June 2020, 41% of the U.S. had delayed or avoided medical care including both routine and urgent or emergent care. Delay and avoidance of medical…
Benefits Consulting
December 10, 2020

CHRO Champions: How to Leverage Transferable Skills in HR

Not all great HR leaders start out in the field. In fact, some — like Quentin Misenheimer — transition into HR after the Army, leadership skills in tow. In this episode, Quentin,…
Benefits Consulting
November 24, 2020

CHRO Champions: Health Information Exchange – Benefits & Challenges

It seems like everything is interconnected nowadays: smartphones with laptops, sleep patterns with fitness trackers, doorbells with light switches. Why can’t our health records have the same level of integration?…
Benefits Consulting
November 20, 2020

CHRO Champions: Introducing CHRO Champions w/ Geoff Rowson

What do you get when you mix 4 generations of benefits consultants, a passion to help HR leaders, and one Shih Tzu named Weezy? You get Geoff Rowson, SVP of…
Quarterly Updates
June 25, 2020

Employers May Make Tax Deductible Payments to Employees for COVID-19 Expenses

The Federal government's ongoing legislation has provided timely relief for citizens and corporations facing the challenges caused by COVID-19, but there is an existing tax law that can also help…
Health Spend ReductionMedical Consulting
June 18, 2020

Centers of Excellence Provide A Better Healthcare Model

Many employers have implemented a Centers of Excellence (COE) model in an effort to improve the quality of care for employees and reduce procedures caused by misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatment.…
Health Spend ReductionMedical Consulting
June 11, 2020

Health Rosetta: Quality Healthcare Costs Less

Health costs have soared over the past 30 years. Public and private employers have paid the majority of costs. In 2018, 158 million people in the US received their health…
Health Spend ReductionMedical Consulting
June 4, 2020

Fast Health: Tampered Healthcare Costs By Reversing Diabetes

Fast Health: Tampered Healthcare Costs By Managing Reversing Diabetes In the U.S., obesity and diabetes have been on the rise for generations. The health complications and long-term consequences have reverberated…