With over 25 years of experience partnering with Georgia school districts, we get that every district is unique. Because of that — our services are specifically tailored to each district’s specific needs and objectives.

Our scope of services is unmatched, and our chief goal is simple: to move work from the plates of your HR and benefits staff all while improving your employees’ experiences.

We’re acutely aware of the war for talent among Georgia school districts and we’re experienced in effectively leveraging benefits as a means to both recruit and retain top talent. We heighten the value of your benefits package through meticulous plan design and multi-pronged employee education and engagement. The key to our clients’ employees perceiving the value of their benefits is understanding how they can maximize them to care for the things they care about most: their families.

How can we help your school district?


Imagine having an advocate who was an early adopter of innovative products, a tenacious negotiator, and an outside-the-box thinker. That’s Totem. Not only do we enjoy advocating for school districts to enable them to provide every employee with the best benefits experience at the most competitive cost — but we’re really good at it. The diversity among our corporate clients provides us with a wider knowledge and experience base on solutions that work.

Year-Round Employee Support

With Totem, your employees have access to concierge, year-round support for all things benefits through our local, in-house Benefits Service Center. We are non-scripted and deploy highly customized communications based on your desired messaging. Services include but are not limited to enrollment, benefits questions, claims inquiries, State Health Benefit Plan questions, and outbound call campaigns.

Technology & Benefits Administration

In addition to providing you with a personal and high-touch service model we utilize a state-of-the-art Benefits Administration system and manage all aspects of benefits administration, freeing up your benefits staff to focus on more important initiatives. The client-branded system is web-optimized for optimal mobile device performance, providing your employees with an unmatched user experience.

Communication & Engagement

We develop a communications strategy specific to your district’s goals, objectives, employee culture and demographics. Our technology, Account Management, and Benefits Service Center teams work cohesively to deliver a flawless message to your employees using a variety of media: email, phone, mobile text message, web, and mail.


We consider Totem to be an extension of our benefits team — our employees are familiar with the Benefits Service Center and call on Totem to assist them with various benefit questions year-round.

They provides much more than enrollment assistance for us. Due to the recent pandemic we had to come up with a different game plan (other than meeting 1:1) for meeting with our new hires.
Totem was instrumental with helping us create an online enrollment video for our prospective new hires and reaching out to new hires to assist them with their benefit elections. With Totem's assistance, we converted from an in person new hire meeting set up to a virtual one in a matter of days.

We can always count on Totem to help us brainstorm creative solutions to various issues that arise. For example, when the ACA requirements were introduced, Totem was right there to assist us with meeting the federal reporting requirements timely and accurately.

KristenDirector of Employee Benefits, GA Public School District

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