Achieve Recruiting and Retention Goals with Innovative Employee Benefits

May 30, 2023

Your employee benefits plan serves as an integral part of your business. Not only does it take care of your employees, but it has the ability to fuel you toward achieving recruiting and retention goals. Regardless of where you find yourself in the talent war, you are likely still placing recruiting and retention strategies at the top of your team’s list. 

The emphasis you place on recruiting and retention shouldn’t be siloed — that means tactics to boost your hiring and retention efforts should weave through just about everything your business or organization does. This includes your employee benefits. 

Employee benefits plans are a powerful method to take care of your team, prove your value and position your organization as an employer of choice. Simply put, employee benefits plans help you achieve your recruiting and retention goals. 

Here’s how.

Innovative Employee Benefits Plans Help Meet Your Recruiting and Retention Goals

Out-of-the-box benefits consulting is Totem’s expertise. The standard employee benefits packages offered are costing you time and money. Our strategic approach to benefits consulting allows us to get to know your organization and your employees — to create the best benefits plan for your team and your business goals. Plus, our healthcare approach improves the quality of the care employees and their families receive. This translates to lower employer plan costs and richer benefits for members – which are truly valuable.  

According to Employee Benefits News, …benefits like a choice of two or three health insurance plans, paid sick time, and health savings accounts aren’t cutting it these days. Today’s workers demand benefits like tele-mental health services and virtual physical therapy services. Some companies are covering their employees’ health benefits in full. This isn’t surprising; according to Gallup, some 75% of Americans who get their healthcare coverage through their employer say they pay too much for the quality of healthcare they get.”

Employees are demanding a wider range of benefits and better quality than ever before. And, they deserve it. By prioritizing the benefits your employees value and working them into the employee benefits plan you offer, you’re naturally taking a step in the right direction for your recruiting and retention goals

Eliminate Employee Disengagement to Retain Top Employees

Burnout is real. Is it impacting your workforce? If your current employees are tired, overworked and feel as though they are just a number to your business or organization, they may be searching for new opportunities. How does employee disengagement influence your recruiting and retention goals? The less your team is engaged and feels as though they are receiving some value in return, the more likely they are to experience burnout. This leads to high turnover and a more difficult time filling roles. 

This article from Employee Benefit News writes that two-thirds of the U.S. workforce is disengaged, reflecting a declining trend of worker disengagement even with an increase in employers pushing a “purpose-driven” narrative. Saying that your organization is on a mission to achieve a goal isn’t enough for your workforce. That isn’t what motivates them to stick around and contribute to your business.

Instead, the focus should be placed on creating transparent and personalized communication – especially when highlighting employee benefits plans and the value you are providing your employees and their families. Employees need to understand the value of their benefits to appreciate them.  

Personalized communication through a branded employee benefits website and a benefits service center shows your employees they are not alone – especially when navigating their employee benefits package. Increased employee engagement and understanding of benefits are driving forces in achieving your recruiting and retention goals

Clients in both the public and private sectors choose Totem to help them reduce costs, provide the best care for their employees, and achieve recruiting and retention goals. Our method is unique, results-driven and so much more than consulting. 

If you’re interested in learning how employee benefits can fuel your fight in the talent war, connect with one of our team members for a complimentary consultation today.

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