Don’t Miss These 3 Ways AI-Powered Recruiting Can Benefit You

Aug 2, 2023

AI is slowly but surely creeping its way into basic business practices, allowing for the quick learning capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate information, analyze data and free up the time and budget of organizations so teams can focus on more face-to-face tasks. In HR, AI-powered recruiting can help your organization achieve those things – reduce costs, better support your team and fuel your recruiting efforts. 

The competition in the job market is growing daily, making recruitment efforts that much more critical. But, with the rise of AI-powered recruiting, platforms like LinkedIn are integrating generative AI to help recruiters successfully hire top talent. 

The nature of recruiting is competitive, as most recruiters find themselves up against the clock to find the best candidates and make a worthwhile offer before that candidate commits to a competitor. With the implementation of AI-powered recruiting tools, HR teams are more likely to succeed in candidate searches by saving time on manual tasks and emphasizing face-to-face personal connection. Here’s how.

3 Ways AI-Powered Recruiting Can Help You Achieve Successful Searches

1. Rely on AI to Complete Candidate Screening

Artificial intelligence can screen large numbers of resumes quickly and effectively, working to match your defined job requirements with a candidate’s outlined qualifications and experience. AI-powered recruiting tools use predictive analytics to analyze your candidates’ data to predict which candidates would be successful in the role. 

Automating this time-consuming and manual task frees up HR personnel’s time and presents the most qualified candidates based on your criteria. Automated resume screening can save time and ensure that promising candidates aren’t overlooked in the resume review process.

2. Implement Chatbots to Keep the Conversation Going

Implementing a chatbot on your website and careers page provides candidates with quick answers to questions regarding the application process or the job itself. Chatbots allow recruiters to engage more effectively with candidates by automating routine tasks.

Recruiting chatbots can help you filter candidates through your career page and to the applicant funnel. The goal of chatbots is not to replace your HR Team. Instead, they can increase applicant conversions, answer preliminary questions and collect essential information for the recruiting process. 

3. AI Can Scope Out Your Ideal Candidates

You can get the word out about your open positions in many ways, but ultimately, you want the best candidates to apply. So, why wouldn’t you leverage an AI-powered recruiting tool to advertise your role to top candidates and invite them to apply?

The advanced technology of AI can identify potential candidates based on their experience and qualifications. And if they still need to apply for the role, you can invite them and start with a personalized approach — hook, line and sinker.

Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, framed AI as “your co-pilot, your incredibly capable assistant, constantly at your side to help you excel at your task at hand and in your career.” 

We agree. Don’t let the unknown of AI-powered recruiting cause you to avoid it altogether. There is much to be leveraged regarding artificial intelligence, and we are just now scratching the surface. If you’re interested in additional AI content, check out our blog, 3 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence for HR.

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