CHRO Champions | To Sit at the Table, You Need More Than a Chair: How to Add Value as a CHRO

By May 21, 2021 August 9th, 2021 No Comments

The CHRO role is about so much more than hiring; it includes being a part of the processes that achieve the overall targets for the organization and contribute to its growth.

As HR continues to move beyond a traditional role to a more strategic one, conversations around HR’s value continue to be relevant.

In this episode of CHRO Champions, I sat down with Issac Jayaraj, Chief Human Resources Officer at Accscient, to discuss different factors CHROs should consider that add value to a business.

What we talked about:

  • How to take smart risks in your career journey for long-term success
  • The best way for someone in HR to learn the financial components of a business
  • How to build rapport in a remote environment
  • The evolution and future of HR


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