Maintaining Business Continuity in the Midst of COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

More than ever, it is vital for businesses to adopt innovative solutions for the evolving challenges arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Whether a business requires onsite essential employees, has furloughed employees, or has layoffs, Totem has developed a suite of services to help protect employees’ health and ensure business continuity.

7 Business Continuity Solutions to Consider

1. Remote monitoring & support

While essential onsite employees continue to work, both employees and employer can rest assured when temperature, symptom, and exposure checks are conducted daily – before the employee even enters the workplace. The remote monitoring team aids with test coordination, complex care management for COVID+ employees, and mental health support.

2. Premium collection for benefits

When coverage is continued for furloughed and terminated employees, Totem is there to help them collect their benefits. Our seamless process allows for employee contributions to be captured via ACH, credit/debit card, and Apple Pay and then remitted back to the employer.

3. Expedited COVID-19 testing

Totem is distributing an FDA approved RNA nasal test (most accurate version) with a 24-hour turnaround. This quick timeline reduces business disruptions, since employees will be able to return to work feeling confident that they are not spreading the disease. Those that are positive will stay at home, and then their contacts can be traced, tested, and monitored. By using a private lab, turnaround times are reduced from 7 days to 1 day.

4. On-site temperature screening

For essential businesses that are still up and running, it is imperative to limit the spread of COVID-19. On-site temperature screening doesn’t eliminate all risk (due to asymptomatic carriers), but in ensures that employees with a fever are staying at home. It also helps employees feel safer at work.

5. Virtual Primary Care

Many primary care physicians are closing their doors with the hopes of mitigating the spread of the coronavirus known as SARS-COV 2, prompting them to offer virtual consultations for their patients. Virtual Primary Care differs from Telemedicine in that each member has a dedicated care team rather than speaking with a different provider during each call.

6. Communication

Communication is the key to keeping employees informed and educated on the best practices and specific company protocols during this time. Totem provides support via phone, email, text messaging, and dedicated websites.

7. Assistance enrolling in ACA plans

For employees whose company benefits have been terminated, Totem guides them in enrolling in ACA plans and determining their subsidy eligibility.

Contact Totem today for additional information on these services, and stay safe!

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