Totem Provides Exceptional Service, Earns Industry Best Net Promoter Score of 86

Apr 20, 2023

Totem is on a mission to fix healthcare so you don’t have to. To achieve this, we’re committed to delivering better employee benefits, providing exceptional service and helping our clients become employers of choice. When describing the impact our benefits consulting services have on clients, we always say, the results speak for themselves. 

And, today is no different.

We’re thrilled to announce that Totem obtained an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86 for 2022-2023. This score soars above our competitors and industry averages, putting Totem more than 65 points higher than the health insurance average.


NPS is a tool that measures the overall customer experience and perception of the Totem brand, and this is now a benchmark for our team to meet and surpass year after year. 

Our score of 86 is a direct reflection of the hard work, dedication and care our team delivers to our clients every single day. Our approach to healthcare benefits and employee benefits solutions is far different from the standard big box benefit brokers. We are independent, transparent and 100% focused on our clients and their employees. Totem is proud to work alongside our clients to solve some of their biggest challenges connected to employee benefits. 

Our mission? To be there for everyone — and to help you do the same.

An NPS of 86 says a lot about the work we do, but we can’t help but share some direct feedback from our clients as well.

“When you meet somebody [like Totem] that cares about your employees as much as you do, it’s refreshing. It’s so awesome. They just go above and beyond.” – Georgia Public School District, Director of Employee Benefits

“We don’t think of [Totem] as just a call center or just somebody that can help us with benefits. They really work hand-in-hand with us. We’ve had people tell us when they sit in a room with us that they can’t tell who works for who because we all work so closely together.” – Private Sector Employer, Director of Compensation & Benefits

“I haven’t found any other brokers that have a Monday-through-Friday, eight-to-five benefits center that helps with enrollment, and open enrollment, and qualifying life events, and everything that … we would have to hire two people to do.” – Fortune 500 Private Sector Employer, VP of Compensation & Benefits

We want to thank our incredible clients and team for helping us achieve this milestone. If you’re not a current client but would like to learn more about what Totem has to offer, we’d love to set up a consultation (free of charge, of course). Connect with us by clicking here.


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