Decrease Your Employees’ Healthcare Costs, Keep Your Employees

Apr 15, 2023

When it comes to healthcare, the status quo isn’t sustainable. Healthcare costs are the reason that 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 in the bank. Unfortunately, annual healthcare cost inflation has outpaced every industry year over year. Your employees deserve better, and you can help them receive great healthcare without breaking the bank. 

It’s important to offer a comprehensive benefits package to your employees. It’s even more important to ensure those benefits aren’t costing your employees, but are a true value-add for them. By optimizing your employee healthcare plan, you’ll not only save on healthcare costs, but you’ll see a positive impact on your recruitment and retention efforts. By protecting your employees’ pockets, you’re more likely to retain those employees.

When it comes to healthcare and its skyrocketing costs, these are the  three “villains” we work to combat at Totem:

The Three Villains of Healthcare Costs:

  1. Lack of quality care
  2. Overtreatment and misdiagnoses
  3. Lack of cost transparency

To combat these villains of healthcare costs, every strategy and solution we create and implement for each unique client is rooted in what we like to call the four pillars of Totem Health:

Direct Primary Care

By encouraging members to spend more time with high-quality Primary Care Providers, you can prevent up to 90% of specialist visits and make a large dent in Emergency Room visits too. Direct Primary Care prioritizes concierge service, so patients are not rushed through their appointments. Effective direct primary care can also avoid up to 70% of specialist visits, saving the plan money and adding convenience for members.

Steerage to High Quality Providers

We direct our members and their employees to high-quality providers in their area. This steerage results in better healthcare outcomes and significant cost savings for employees and employers. Additionally, we include incentives to ensure patients receive excellent engagement with the best doctors. This removes all barriers to care and proves to be beneficial for the members and the plan. 

Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence programs are designated multi-disciplinary facilities staffed with the top doctors in the nation. Our programs incorporate bundled pricing and a consensus team-based diagnosis model, resulting in the best care for your employees at the best cost for the patient and the plan. 

Pharmacy Solutions

Totem is proud to partner with a leading Pharmacy Consultant to provide our clients with 30% – 40% in annual Rx savings. Our pharmacy solutions give us creativity and flexibility when designing formularies, alternate funding programs, specialty drug management, and working with pass-through Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

How Totem’s Approach Decreases Healthcare Costs and Retains Top Talent

Our approach to healthcare positions you to increase the quality of your benefits while decreasing your costs. We remove all barriers to care by adding incentives so members can access the best doctors and save on healthcare costs. Totem works directly with employers to achieve the long-term goal of making benefits richer by reducing member cost share for the best physicians, while also utilizing the overall plan savings. 

By clearly prioritizing your employees’ health and the amount they’re spending on healthcare costs, you’re proving how much you value your team, which contributes to top talent staying with your company, and helps you position yourself as an employer of choice. 

Cost savings and better benefits go hand-in-hand – so why wouldn’t you leverage what all your benefits plan has to offer? Especially as recruitment and retention strategies continue to stay top of mind. 

Don’t just take it from us. A recent client of ours achieved these savings in just two years of working with Totem:

Client: National Restaurant Group


Year One: 17% savings vs. fully-insured

Year Two: Additional savings reinvested in better benefits


Year One: Quality Steerage, Virtual Primary Care, Centers of Excellence, Pharmacy Solutions

Year Two: Fertility, Wellness, Sleep Program, Mobile App

Overall Wins

  • Financial Savings
  • Cultural Enhancement
  • Reinvested Savings

When you connect with a Benefits Consulting partner like Totem, you’ll find that we take the broken aspect of healthcare you’re dealing with, and improve them with high-quality care. 

We want to make this clear — we’re unlike other big box brokers. 

We’ve been providing our clients with far more than consulting services for over 40 years. We become an extension of your team, working alongside you to reduce costs, increase the value of your plan, and identify how your benefits plan can help you achieve your business goals. 

Our philosophy is rooted in being independent and transparent — no hidden kickbacks, zero conflicts of interest and no plans to merge or sell here. 

If you’re ready to protect your employees’ pockets and boost your recruitment and retention strategies in the process, connect with one of our team members today for a complimentary consultation. 

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