Embracing AI HR Solutions: 3 Things You Need to Know

Aug 15, 2023

There is a lot of fear surrounding the popularity of artificial intelligence. In the HR space, the fear is mainly rooted in whether AI HR solutions will lessen the need for Human Resources staff, leveraging AI bots and leaving people without jobs. 

According to a study conducted by EdTech company Cengage Group, 46% of new graduates feel threatened by the growth of AI. Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, VP of Corporate Markets at Cengage Work, says

“Our perspective is that new grads won’t lose their jobs to AI, but may to someone who knows how to use AI. Employers should continue investing in upskilling initiatives that help current and potential employees feel prepared for the workforce and keep up with changing technology — including AI.” 

What does this mean for you and your team? That it’s time to leverage and embrace AI HR solutions to stay ahead of competitors. 

AI isn’t going anywhere, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it and discover how AI HR solutions can benefit your team and boost productivity? 

3 Key Things You Need to Know About AI HR Solutions

 1. Leverage AI-Powered Recruiting

For HR teams, AI-powered recruiting can help your organization recruit top talent, provide more support for your HR team and reduce costs. The nature of recruiting is competitive, as most recruiters find themselves up against the clock to find the best candidates and make a worthwhile offer before that candidate commits to a competitor. AI-powered recruiting tools empower HR teams to succeed in candidate searches by saving time on manual tasks and emphasizing face-to-face personal connection. 

AI HR Solutions that focus on recruiting help HR teams achieve successful candidate searches through: 

  1. Completing candidate screening in a more timely manner
  2. Answering FAQs from candidates through an AI bot 
  3. Scoping out ideal candidates that could be the perfect fit for your role

 2. Boost Internal Communication with AI

Your internal communication strategy is critical to keeping your organization running smoothly, maintaining high retention rates and getting the word out about employee benefits. Without a simple yet effective internal communications strategy, employees can feel in the dark or ignore every memo if they constantly receive mail in their inbox. 

AI can simplify and streamline your internal communications. By implementing artificial intelligence into your internal communications strategy, you could gain access to tools that not only deploy emails at specific times based on employees’ habits for the highest engagement but also grasp a better understanding of whether your communications are impactful and employees are absorbing it. Just because they opened the email doesn’t mean they read it. AI solutions help measure essential metrics to inform a more effective communications strategy.

 3. AI Can Help Analyze Individual Employee Data

HR teams are often tasked with organizational restructuring to boost productivity and sharpen team dynamics. By leveraging AI HR solutions, AI tools can analyze both individual and group performance data. This analysis provides HR teams with key attributes that lead to successful collaborations. 

When HR teams apply AI insights to their decision-making and restructuring, they have data-backed results that not only help boost productivity for the organization as a whole but also improve the working environment and working relationships for employees. 

AI HR solutions have a lot to offer – from freeing up significant amounts of time for your team to helping your employees approach problems and projects from a new perspective.

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