Your HR Teams are Tired, Employee Benefits Consulting Can Help

May 17, 2023

Being a member of an HR or Benefits Team is no small feat. The burden weighing on their shoulders results in burnout, less productivity and high turnover. Your HR Team is the heart of your organization, and without it performing at its best, your business will suffer. So, how can you lift the weight off your HR and Benefits Team and equip them to be the best? Employee benefits consulting

On top of your HR team’s daily administrative tasks, the push for recruitment and retention is strong and unrelenting. A recent article by Employee Benefit News states, 

“According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 80% of HR professionals reported that difficulty filling roles was their top concern in 2023. The barriers they cited included elevated salary, remote working requirements and an insufficient pool of qualified candidates for specified positions.”

Not only is recruiting and retention top of mind, but it’s a top concern for most HR professionals. And, if not managed and executed properly, those recruiting and retention tactics will also take a toll on your core HR team, leaving you feeling stuck.

Employee Benefit News explains that “…73% of leaders are experiencing burnout directly caused by recruiting and hiring…inefficiencies caused by ineffective processes and a lack of technology make planning and pivoting in a volatile environment difficult. As a result, already-stretched HR and recruiting teams struggle on the front lines.”

Are your HR team members stretched thin? If so, the concern of burnout and turnover should remain forefront. But what is the solution?

When your HR Teams are tired, Totem can help.

Here are 3 Ways Totem’s Employee Benefits Consulting Can Relieve Stress from Your HR Team

1. Take fresh eyes to employee benefits consulting, and position yourself as an employer of choice.

Totem has extensive experience solving core pain points through custom services. Our approach to benefits consulting is collaborative, innovative and high-touch — we work alongside clients to create a benefits plan that actually works. We begin by identifying goals and objectives to ensure we are working toward the same end game. Once goals and objectives are solidified, we conduct the discovery process to uncover innovative products that are consistent with your objectives. 

We know that change is scary. That’s why as your employee benefits partner, we take a thoughtful approach to boost adoption and improve employees’ and candidates’ perceptions of benefits. When you trust Totem with your benefits administration, we handle the management of eligibility data, events, custom payroll reporting and carrier reporting. As our client, your primary responsibility is to send our team the demographic data, and we take it from there. Totem handles the heavy lifting of implementing change so you don’t have to. This solidifies your position in the talent war and equips your team to focus on the task at hand.

2. Automate administrative tasks for your team.

How much time does your team spend on paperwork and administrative tasks? Though an essential part of the job, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. When you work with an employee benefits consulting partner like Totem, you can work toward automating those admin tasks through a benefits administration system, saving your team time and resources.

Benefits administration systems allow employees to complete enrollments and review benefits, confirmation statements and beneficiary data in one place. This not only benefits your HR team but the overall experience for your employees as well. And, when you implement a benefits administration system with Totem, we provide a web-based, mobile-responsive system at no additional cost to you. We oversee the build and maintenance of the system, designing a fresh and updated user experience. 

3. Re-direct your HR team’s time with proactive, year-round support.

Employee support is an important element of the employee benefits consulting process. Your employees’ experience is everything, and in order to make it the best experience for them, it can take a lot out of your team. Rather than taking a reactive approach, you can proactively support your employees year-round by implementing a benefits service center

Totem’s benefits service center handles employee benefits enrollment and all aspects of employee benefits. This includes benefits questions, claims issues, life insurance beneficiaries and life events for your non-medical plans. Our industry-leading benefits service center provides your employees with high-touch, ongoing support and deploys custom communications and targeted outreach for all benefits and HR messaging. This additional layer of support allows your team’s attention to be directed to other efforts, while still improving the employee experience.

Your HR Team needs your support. The best way to ensure they are equipped for the job at hand and to set them up for success is to engage with an employee benefits consulting partner and optimize the current plan you have in place. Trust us; it will make a difference.

To learn more about employee benefits consulting and what that may look like for your company and team, connect with one of our benefits consultants today.


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