Is an Employee Call Center right for you? (And are they worth it?)

Mar 22, 2023

As an HR team member, you’re stretched thin, trying to do more for your employees with fewer resources. With recruiting and retention challenges, outdated technology, and limited budgets for benefits, you can easily feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to make it all work. You may have heard of employee call centers and wondered if they may be a good solution for your HR team, but how exactly do they help?

We’ll cover Employee Call Centers, how they work, how they make an impact, and what adopting one may look like for your team.

What are Employee Call Centers?

Employee call centers can be your employees’ lifeline when it comes to their benefits plans. When done well, these service centers provide key benefits information, resources, and support to employees, leading to increased utilization and appreciation of benefits.

How do Employee Call Centers benefit HR Teams and Employees?

When done the right way, employee call centers like Totem’s Benefits Service Center offer an end-to-end experience for employees, answering any questions about their benefits plan and providing them with the clarity needed to improve employees’ perception of benefits. 

According to Employee Benefit News, “85% of employees say they’re confused about their benefits and 45% say they feel panicked about large, unexpected expenses.”

Confused and panicked – those are two words that your employees should not use to describe their benefits experience. Instead, by using a personalized approach, your employees should feel confident and knowledgeable about the benefits provided. In fact, 67% of employees actively seek support through chat and calls – in search of the resources they need to engage with benefits year-round effectively.

Personalized chats and calls make a difference. Most employers don’t have designated team members to handle inquiries during business hours. Non-scripted call centers that are an extension of the employer’s HR team provide a win-win – for both employees and overworked HR departments. (We see you, HR reps wearing 10 hats and trying to complete it all in a 40-hour work week with no overtime.)

In addition to supporting inbound calls and chats, Totem will make outbound calls and send text messages and emails to your employees to communicate both general and employee-specific benefits and HR messaging. This ensures your employees remain up-to-date, engaged, and satisfied with their benefits plan.

Our comprehensive benefits administration services absorb a significant workload from your HR team, allowing them to focus on critical initiatives like recruiting and retention. Our employee-centric consulting approach and year-round employee support provide unmatched employee satisfaction.

Totem’s Approach to Benefits Service Centers

Our approach to an employee call center is much different from others. Totem’s Benefits Service Center goes above and beyond the average call center experience. Our very own Totem employees are picking up the phone to assist and educate your employees, navigating them through questions and complexities of their benefits needs.  

Totem’s Employee Benefits Call Centers are a true value-add for our clients. This includes employee support and benefits administration. Through our benefits consulting and innovative technology solutions, clients get results. In fact, our clients have seen an increase of 35% in engagement when they work with Totem. No requirements and no strings attached. Plus, implementation is completely seamless and we manage it every step of the way.

Key Features of Totem’s Benefits Service Center:

  • Dedicated client phone number with custom greetings and hold messaging
  • Real interactions with real people
  • Detailed benefit information
  • Bilingual support
  • Lower representative-to-client ratio and a higher level of client knowledge
  • Extended service center hours
  • All calls are recorded for training and communication purposes 

Employee Call Centers can make a difference for HR Teams and employees if done right. Connect with us today to schedule a complimentary consultation call where you can pick our brains about all things Benefits Service Center. 

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