Staying Ahead in Hospitality: Crafting Strategic Employee Benefits Solutions

Apr 17, 2024

It’s no secret that the Hospitality industry experiences significant turnover. That means that HR Teams in the industry are consistently dealing with staffing shortages, lack of productivity and difficulty maintaining the most talented employees. 

At Totem, we recognize the challenges HR faces day after day in Hospitality, which is why we specialize in partnering with clients to fine-tune and enhance employee benefits solutions to win the talent war and achieve company goals all by optimizing their employee benefits. 

There is good news. By ensuring that your employee benefits solutions are well-crafted and meet the needs of your staff, it is possible to stay ahead of the competition.

Employee benefits within the Hospitality industry should serve several pivotal purposes for your establishment, and combat your HR Team’s core pain points. 

Refine Employee Benefits for the Hospitality Industry to Meet Company Goals

Recruiting and Retention Challenges

Recruiting keeps you up at night as you battle larger businesses for talent and struggle to find skilled employees. On top of that, retaining employees and combating high turnover rates is a challenge in a highly competitive industry. 

At Totem, we help clients in Hospitality optimize employee benefits solutions to serve as a clear value proposition, attracting top-tier candidates to choose your company over others and keep existing employees put. 

We craft employee benefits offerings that resonate with your workforce, ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty. Through member-friendly plan designs, we enable our clients to provide high-quality care to their employees at minimal additional cost.

Overall Benefits Understanding and Utilization 

Your employees lack an understanding of the value your benefits provide — and are unsure how to maximize them. By fostering a culture that encourages employees to make use of their benefits, you can significantly impact their satisfaction and motivation levels, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

To increase benefits knowledge and, ultimately, utilization, we bring a personalized approach to every area of benefits, including:

  • Benefits Administration & Technology
  • Enrollment & Employee Support
  • Communication & Engagement

Additionally, our top-tier Benefits Service Center offers bilingual communication options, ensuring that your employees are consistently well-informed and able to maximize their benefits.

Proactive Care

Employees continually choose to delay or skip preventive healthcare due to poor perception of benefits, leading to major complications.

The demanding nature of hospitality work often exposes employees to health challenges and stress-related conditions. When working to craft benefits solutions for the hospitality industry, our team ensures personalized, data-driven clinical engagement for high-risk and high-cost members, prioritizing employee health and well-being.

Limited Budgets

You’re working with limited budgets outside of your control — continually being asked to do more with less when it comes to compensation and benefits.

We understand the constraints of operating within limited budgets, where you’re continually asked to do more with less. That’s why we work alongside clients to craft employee benefits solutions that will reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

Optimizing Employee Benefits for the Hospitality Industry: The Results

Our Employee Benefits Solutions revolutionize the way employers in the hospitality sector approach benefits. Below are key results that our clients achieve after partnering with Totem.

At Totem, we collaborate closely with our clients in Hospitality to design customized employee benefits plans that meet and exceed their objectives. From strengthening recruitment and retention initiatives to increasing benefit utilization and cutting costs, Totem is dedicated to supporting HR professionals in the hospitality industry.

For more information on transforming your company’s approach to employee benefits, connect with a Totem professional to schedule a complimentary consultation. 


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