Revolutionize Your Approach to Employee Benefits for Retail

May 1, 2024

When your employee benefits plan strains your budget and falls short of meeting your employees’ needs, it’s crucial to explore alternative options.

For HR Teams in Retail, it’s not uncommon for you to struggle with recruitment and retention hurdles, an uninspired workforce, or challenges in effectively communicating and maximizing your benefits package.

At Totem, we understand the complexities of managing Employee Benefits for Retail and the critical role they play in fostering a thriving workforce. Regardless of what HR pain points your team is combating, we’ve got your back.

We specialize in crafting tailored solutions designed to address your specific HR challenges and goals. Here’s a look at our approach to Employee Benefits for Retail.

Optimize Employee Benefits for Retail

Successfully Navigate Limited Budgets

We recognize the constraints of operating within limited budgets. You’re working with budgets outside of your control — continually being asked to do more with less when it comes to compensation and benefits. That’s why we collaborate closely with clients to craft employee benefits solutions that reduce costs while enhancing healthcare quality, ultimately improving your bottom line.

The primary way we manage health plan benefit dollars is through incentivized steerage to the best quality physicians. Not only do members receive top quality care, the plan avoids unnecessary costs resulting from unnecessary procedures, negative outcomes, and complications, 

We also manage employer benefit spend through appropriate eligibility administration including consideration of ACA measurement periods while ensuring compliance with ACA. Our benefits administration support, including hands-on eligibility, billing, and payroll management, relieves the HR and benefits staff of the administrative burden of benefits, freeing them up to focus on higher-level initiatives.  

Additionally, we work with our clients in Retail to create valuable, cost-effective Part-Time benefits packages that help improve recruiting and retention of hourly and high-turnover team members. 

Combat Recruiting and Retention Challenges

Recruiting keeps you up at night – especially as you battle against large corporations in the talent war. Plus, retaining top employees is a challenge due to inconsistent hours and compensation, leaving a major impact on the benefits you can offer. 

That’s where Totem steps in – helping retailers optimize employee benefits solutions, attracting top-tier candidates and nurturing loyalty among existing employees.

Improve Benefits Understanding and Utilization

Do your employees fully grasp the value of their benefits? We understand the importance of fostering a culture where employees not only understand their benefits but also know how to leverage them effectively. 

Through personalized approaches to benefits administration, enrollment, and communication, we empower your team to maximize their benefits and enhance satisfaction levels.

Prioritize Employee Health and Promote Proactive Care 

Your employees are prone to health challenges due to the nature and schedule of work. Plus, employees continually delay or skip preventive healthcare due to poor perception of benefits, leading to major complications. 

To combat this, our team leverages personalized, data-driven clinical engagement for high-risk and high-cost members, prioritizing employee health and well-being.

Your Employee Benefits Plan Should Drive Results

We think outside the box with solutions that make a difference for our Retail clients. We’re proud to help our clients achieve the following results:

  • 10.5% decrease in employee turnover
  • 8-29% in savings on medical spend
  • 12.5% increase in the perception of benefits
  • 700% increase in employee engagement

In addition to the above, our clients experience increased employee satisfaction and retention, a reduction in HR benefits workload and higher quality care for their employees. The positive impact of optimized employee benefits is undeniable.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Responsive and Quick

I am happy with the service Totem is providing. They are very responsive and quick to answer questions.

My expectations have always been met

My expectations have always been met and in a timely manner. Our Totem team is very helpful and knowledgeable to help with needs for our employees. I worked in Benefits before Totem, moved to Human Resources and then came back to Benefits in 2021. I share that to say that I knew life before Totem and know what it is like now with Totem support. It is very helpful!

They look out for our best interest

Our Totem team is great and provides top-notch service. They look out for our best interest and work hard to advocate for our employees in various markets. They are very proactive to ensure we are well-informed of market trends.

Best decision ever

Thank you for the OUTSTANDING service Totem Solutions has provided to our employees…

Best decision ever! 

Transforming your approach to employee benefits for Retail plays a pivotal role in addressing core HR pain points and serving as a strategic asset for your company’s success.

From implementing innovative recruitment and retention strategies to enhancing employee engagement and benefits education, we’re committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable success.

Don’t let subpar benefits hold you back. Connect with the Totem team for more information on how you can optimize your benefits plan and drive positive outcomes for your employees and your business.


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