Optimized Employee Benefits for Manufacturing

Feb 14, 2024

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, efficiency is key to success. At Totem, we understand this, which is why we work with clients in manufacturing to refine and optimize their employee benefits approach. 

If you’re in HR for a manufacturing company, we pose this question:

Are the benefits you’re currently offering employees cutting it?

Employee benefits should help your company achieve the following:

  • Retain top talent
  • Serve as a clear value add for recruiting efforts
  • Encourage employees to leverage benefits, ultimately impacting your bottom line

At Totem, we work alongside clients in manufacturing to achieve the best possible employee benefits plan for your employees and your bottom line. From fueling recruiting and retention efforts to secure top talent, to spearheading wellness program support, Totem is there for our clients in manufacturing. Here’s how we do it.

Employee Benefits Solutions for Manufacturing

Recruiting Efforts

Recruiting keeps you up at night – especially as you battle against competing manufacturers for highly skilled employees. At Totem, we craft unique benefits solutions tailored specifically to your employees, serving as an incredible value-add as you continue to face competition in the talent war. 

Additionally, our top-notch Benefits Service Center offers bi-lingual communication through various methods, including text messaging to ensure your employees are always well-informed.

Retaining Top Employees

We understand that retaining top employees is a challenge due to poaching by competing companies and plants. That’s why we can help you create an employee benefits offering that makes an impact on your employees and improves customer satisfaction. By leveraging member-friendly plan designs, we help clients offer free, top-quality care to their employees. 

Employee Benefit Offerings

Unfortunately, your employees may lack an understanding of the value your benefits provide — and are unsure how to maximize them. We partner with clients to offer out-of-the-box benefits such as Sleep Health, zero-employee cost Centers of Excellence for conditions like cancer and musculoskeletal issues, and robust virtual care offerings. But, what good are these valuable employee benefits if your employees aren’t aware of them?

Enter – Totem’s Benefits Service Center. As an extension of your HR and benefits team — we help deliver a braggable employee experience to your employees.

Employee Health

Your employees are prone to health challenges and chronic conditions due to the nature and schedule of work in manufacturing. Because of this, our team ensures that better, data-driven clinical engagement is provided for high-risk and high-cost members. 

This type of personalization is not seen with most “cookie cutter” benefits packages, and is just one way Totem stands apart from competitors. At the end of the day, we’re committed to being there for everyone, which begins with prioritizing your employees’ health.

Wellness Facilitation Support

As noted above, we pride ourselves on offering out-of-the-box benefits solutions tailored to each of our unique clients. One way we do this is by offering a Wellness Facilitation service for certain self-funded employers. This support is multi-faceted and includes the below efforts.

Project Management

We partner with medical and lab vendors to determine compliance requirements. Additionally, we create workflows, track and communicate trends and opportunities, and hold regular meetings with all parties.

Data Integration

We ensure proper data integration — both inbound and outbound, including lab results, medical compliance, PCP downloads, member stratification, the identification of higher risk members at more frequent intervals and spousal coverage eligibility.


To track the completion rate of the wellness program, we manage the reporting aspect, collecting various data points on members enrolled. Additionally, we execute compliancy and surcharges assessments.


When it comes to administrative tasks, we handle this aspect end-to-end, including:

  • Appeals Management
  • Waiver Conduit and Repository
  • Schedule Appointments with Lab Vendors
  • Assist with Scheduling On-site Clinics
  • Learning Management System Navigation and Education
  • Telephonic Education

Surcharge Management

Totem determines the status of compliancy and surcharges, updates surcharge application and removal, manages maximum surcharge allowance and executes audits of surcharges. 


Most importantly, Totem gladly handles all communication related to the Wellness Program. From new hire outbound calls and text messages to ongoing communication regarding requirements, deadlines, waiver status, and non-compliancy – Totem has it covered.

Lower Medical Spend with Optimized Benefits

Our commitment to our clients in manufacturing results in improved employee health and satisfaction, as well as reduced medical spend and employee turnover. The results speak for themselves.


Hear From Our Clients

Not simply canned insurance

The plan designs Totem recommends are designed to fit our employees’ needs instead of simply canned insurance programs. They are very organized and make it easy for our employees to find information.

We are so fortunate to partner with them

Honestly, I’m not sure that Totem can do anything better. We receive the absolute best and greatest that Totem can provide and we are so fortunate to partner with them. They are thorough, forward thinking, respectful, timely, and dynamic in communication.

This is the best customer service I have experienced

The team at Totem leans into every question and need we have, always reaching in to share the load. This is the best customer service I have experienced from a business partner/vendor in my career.

At Totem, we have one mission – to be there for everyone. We think outside of the box to create solutions that make a difference for our clients. If you’re interested in learning how Totem can revolutionize your approach to employee benefits, connect with our team today. 


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