Top-of-the-Line Employee Benefits for Restaurants

Feb 28, 2024

In the world of restaurants, the hustle and bustle never seems to cease. It’s no secret that in this fast-paced industry, connecting with your staff and emphasizing the significance of employee benefits can be a challenge. Good news – with the right partners, it doesn’t have to be. 

At Totem, we understand the unique needs of the restaurant sector, and we’re here to revolutionize the way you approach employee benefits. We believe that the right benefits package isn’t just about checking boxes – it’s about enhancing your recruitment and retention strategies, fostering employee engagement, promoting preventive care, ensuring your team receives the best quality healthcare, and so much more. 

So, why settle for ordinary employee benefits when you can step outside the box with us? We’re passionate about crafting innovative solutions tailored specifically for our restaurant clients. 

Plus, we are aware of your priorities as employers – for both your staff and your business. That’s why we take a unique approach to your health plan strategy, working to make benefits richer and eliminate all barriers to care, while simultaneously lowering your medical spend. 

Let’s dive into how Totem can elevate your employee benefits game to new heights, all while solving your biggest pain points and saving you money.

Employee Benefits for Restaurants

Recruiting Efforts

When recruiting keeps you up at night, it can be difficult to find unique and effective solutions. Especially as you battle against competing restaurants for skilled employees. At Totem, we craft unique benefits solutions tailored specifically to your employees, serving as an incredible value-add as you continue to face competition in the talent war. 

Additionally, our top-notch Benefits Service Center offers bi-lingual communication through various methods, including text messaging to ensure your employees are always well-informed.

Retaining Top Employees

It’s no secret retaining top employees is a challenge due to inconsistent hours and compensation, leaving a major impact on the benefits you can offer.

That’s why we can help you create an employee benefits offering that makes an impact on your employees and improves customer satisfaction and employee engagement, even for your part-time employees. By leveraging member-friendly plan designs, we help clients offer free, top-quality care to their employees. 

Employee Benefits Offerings Tailored for Restaurants

Unfortunately, your dedicated employees may lack a clear understanding of the value your benefits package provides — and are unsure how to maximize them. We partner with restaurant clients to offer out-of-the-box benefits such as Sleep Health, zero-employee cost Centers of Excellence for conditions like cancer and musculoskeletal issues, and robust virtual care offerings. But, what good are these valuable employee benefits if your employees aren’t aware of them?

Enter – Totem’s Benefits Service Center. As an extension of your HR and benefits team — we help deliver an unmatched employee experience to your employees.

Employee Health

Knowledge gaps and communication barriers challenge your ability to effectively communicate with employees about benefits plans, which hinders your employees’ ability to use their employee benefits to the fullest. Because of this, we ensure that better, data-driven clinical engagement is provided for high-risk and high-cost members. 

This type of personalization is not seen with standard benefits packages and is just one way Totem stands apart from competitors. At the end of the day, we’re committed to being there for everyone, which begins with prioritizing your employees’ health.

Quality Healthcare For Less

Keeping employees healthy is important in the restaurant industry. This can be achieved by ensuring your employees are receiving the highest quality care in their area.

We know what you may be thinking… Better quality healthcare must come with a higher price tag – but that is not the case. 

When your employees see the top doctors in their area, there is a 35% lower cost of care — for both you and them. At Totem, we work to ensure our members are directed to the top physicians every time, which, in turn, takes better care of your employees and contributes to significant cost savings. 

Proactive Care

The unfortunate reality is that employees continually choose to delay or skip preventive healthcare due to poor understanding and perception of benefits, leading to major complications. Your employees deserve better. That’s why we work with clients to prioritize proactive care in their benefits plans, especially by promoting virtual mental health services.

Virtual care services are a great tactic to increase proactive care. And, by introducing virtual mental health services, you’re helping employees prioritize both their physical and mental health. 

Limited Budgets

As an HR Team in Restaurants, you’re working with limited budgets outside of your control — continually being asked to do more with less when it comes to compensation and benefits. We understand that your team’s plate is full, which is why Totem works side by side with HR and Benefits Managers to leverage employee benefits to achieve company-wide goals. 

This is made possible by implementing eligibility administration for high-turnover employees, management of ACA measurement periods and compliance with ACA offers of coverage, and we provide support when handling payroll and FMLA.

Additionally, we work with our clients in Restaurants to create Part-Time benefits packages that help improve recruiting and retention of hourly and high-turnover team members. 

Totem’s Impact on Restaurant Clients

Below is a case study of one of our Restaurant clients that has partnered with Totem.

AUV: $1 Billion 

Total Employees: 1,230

  • Salaried: 204
  • Hourly: 727

Benefits Offered

  • Medical and Rx
    • Virtual Primary Care, Pediatrics and Mental Health
    • Quality-Based Navigation with Free Care at Top Doctors
    • Free Prescriptions via International Mail Order
    • Centers of Excellence: Cancer, Heart, Musculoskeletal, Sleep, and more
    • Fertility and Adoption
    • Dedicated Nurse Medical Concierge
  • Ancillary Benefits
    • Dental, Vision, Voluntary and Basic Life and AD&D, STD and LTD, HSA, Medical FSA, Limited FSA, Dependent Care FSA, EAP, Pet Insurance, Limited Medical, Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity 
  • Part-Time Benefits 
    • Dental, Vision, Voluntary and Basic Life and AD&D, EAP, Pet Insurance, Limited Medical, Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity 

Unique Attributes of Benefits Plans

This Restaurant client has fully embraced the notion that prioritizing quality healthcare yields advantages for both their employees and their bottom line. This philosophy permeates their leadership team and extends down to every managerial level. Their health plan is characterized by a multitude of avenues for members to access free, high-quality healthcare and prescriptions.

This client has adopted a distinctive approach to affordability and health equity that sets them apart from their industry peers. An early collaborative decision was to reduce premiums for hourly employees to $50 per month, making it more economical for them compared to their salaried counterparts. Additionally, they’ve replaced their highest deductible plan with a more accessible PPO plan. 

This strategic shift has resonated positively with lower-income employees, enabling them to benefit from affordable copays for office visits and prescriptions, eliminating the burden of paying full costs until deductibles are met. While maintaining a higher-cost HSA plan for executives who prefer it, they’ve moved away from the practice of directing lower-income individuals to plans without first-dollar coverage. 

The result has been a heightened perception of benefits, the removal of significant barriers to timely care, and the prevention of escalating costs down the line.

All-in-all, our commitment to being there for everyone includes our clients, their employees and their stakeholders. We work strategically to create a tailored employee benefits package that is perfectly suited to your organization. 

Employee benefits have far too great an impact to settle for cookie-cutter solutions. If you’re ready to revolutionize your approach to employee benefits, connect with a member of the Totem Team today. 


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