Employee Benefits for Construction: How to Optimize Your Approach

Apr 3, 2024

Hiring a quality workforce in the construction sector is a challenging feat. What’s even more difficult? Retaining the talent you do have. Getting your employees to a job site is just one step, but keeping them safe, healthy and satisfied while working for you is an ongoing effort.

Employee benefits are more than a necessity you offer your workforce. Instead, they should be viewed as a cornerstone for achieving the following goals: 

  • Retaining top talent in a competitive industry.
  • Serving as a compelling value proposition for recruitment efforts.
  • Encouraging employees to fully utilize benefits, positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

At Totem, we have experience working alongside construction companies to craft tailored employee benefits plans that attract and retain skilled workers and bolster overall company performance. We think outside the box and implement solutions that make a difference.

The value we deliver to clients? It looks like:

  • 10.5% decrease in employee turnover
  • 8-29% savings in medical spend
  • 12.5% increase in the perception of benefits
  • 700% increase in employee engagement

Here’s how we do it.

Employee Benefits for Construction

Recruitment Support

Attracting top talent amid fierce competition is an ongoing challenge in the construction industry. Totem specializes in crafting bespoke benefits solutions that are a powerful differentiator in recruitment efforts. Moreover, our top-tier Benefits Service Center offers bilingual communication channels, including text messaging, ensuring a seamless and accessible information flow for your diverse workforce.

Retention Strategies

We understand the constant threat of employee turnover in construction due to the intensity of the field. Plus, the added layer of difficulty as rival companies attempt to poach those skilled employees makes retaining top talent a challenge.

At Totem, our expertise lies in designing employee benefits packages that resonate with your workforce, enhance job satisfaction and foster loyalty. Through member-friendly plan designs, we enable construction companies to provide high-quality care to their employees at minimal cost, leading to improved retention efforts.

Maximizing Benefit Utilization

Often, employees in construction may underutilize their benefits package due to a lack of awareness or understanding. Totem partners with construction clients to introduce innovative benefits offerings such as wellness programs, Centers of Excellence for critical conditions and comprehensive virtual care services. However, these valuable benefits can only make an impact if effectively communicated to employees.

That’s where our Benefits Service Center makes an impact. Serving as an extension of your HR team, we ensure that your employees are aware of and fully engaged with the benefits available to them, fostering a culture of well-being and appreciation within your organization. Additionally, we provide benefits resources at your employees’ fingertips via a mobile app as well as a mobile-optimized benefits administration system.

Employee Health Initiatives

Employee health is paramount, given the demanding nature of construction work. Totem prioritizes data-driven clinical engagement to address construction workers’ unique health challenges. By personalizing health interventions for high-risk individuals, we aim to mitigate health-related disruptions and enhance overall productivity.

Our unique approach to employee health initiatives includes incentives that remove all barriers to high-quality care for our members, making benefits richer while also lowering your overall medical spend. 

Wellness Program Facilitation

Our commitment to tailored solutions extends to facilitating comprehensive wellness programs for self-funded construction companies. This entails meticulous project management, seamless data integration, thorough reporting, efficient administration and proactive communication, all aimed at optimizing the health and well-being of your workforce.

What Our Construction Clients Have to Say

Not simply canned insurance

The plan designs Totem recommends are designed to fit our employees’ needs instead of simply canned insurance programs. They are very organized and make it easy for our employees to find information.

They look out for our best interest

Our Totem team is great and provides top-notch service. They look out for our best interest and work hard to advocate for our employees in various markets. They are very proactive in ensuring we are well-informed of market trends.

Easy to work with

I genuinely don’t know of anything Totem can do better. Totem provides great customer service and they are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

The best customer service I have experienced

The team at Totem leans into every question and need we have, always reaching in to share the load. This is the best customer service I have experienced from a business partner/vendor in my career.

Transform Your Approach to Employee Benefits

At Totem, our mission is simple—to be there for everyone. That especially rings true in the construction industry, where we work to bring value to your employees, your HR staff, and your company as a whole.

We have experience helping companies in the construction industry optimize their employee benefits solutions in a manner that drives success. If you’re interested in partnering with Totem, click here to connect with one of our benefits consultants.


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