Employee Communication Tools Make the Difference

Apr 10, 2023

Employee communication tools are impactful now more than ever. Not only do they communicate the value of your employee benefits to your employees, but they also fuel your fight in the talent war. An intentionally crafted employee benefits communication strategy can help you keep your top talent by prioritizing benefits for traditional healthcare and mental health and positioning you as a top employer to candidates. 

After all, 64% of the workforce said that when assessing a new position, better compensation or benefits matters most. This means benefits are comparable to pay for job candidates scoping out their next career move.

Shouldn’t you be putting strategic effort into communicating them?

Sure, HR Teams are partnering with benefits consultants like Totem to optimize employee benefits, but that’s no longer enough. It’s crucial that employee communication tools and the strategies to deploy them are prioritized. 

According to James Neave, head of data science at Adzuna, “If your offerings and perks have real value, it only makes sense to shout about it.”

This leads us to ask…

Is your benefits communication in need of a facelift? These employee communication tools can help.

Personalized Benefits Website – A Worthwhile Employee Communication Tool 

One employee communication tool that all companies should utilize is a benefits website. This is a centralized hub and a one-stop shop for employees and their dependents to learn about the benefits available and most importantly, how to take action and utilize them. Benefits websites can be customized with single sign-on availability, direct links to an enrollment portal, and a help desk feature. 

3 Key Elements of Effective Employee Benefits Websites:

  1. Accessibility — Employee benefits websites should be optimized for desktop and mobile, and not be behind a firewall so employees can access it from anywhere they need.
  2. Instant Content Updates — Benefits websites allow you to make instant content and resource changes directly to the site to prompt employee communication. 
  3. Enhanced Tracking of Utilization — Employee benefit websites include website analytics and reporting information, which allows HR teams to track and review valuable activity insight.

This employee communication tool allows HR Teams to adhere website content to the employer brand and personalize the experience for employees through targeted and branded messaging. 

Benefits websites are a treasure trove of valuable information and insight into benefits plans. When employees have direct access to these resources, HR Teams can expect them to have an increased understanding of benefits, higher engagement, and increased satisfaction.

The optimal employee communication tool: Benefits Service Center

Benefits Service Centers are a great method of benefits communication for employees. And Totem’s Benefits Service Center is much more than the employee call centers offered by others. When your employees call or chat, our experts are ready to assist and educate. This form of communication is much more than answering your employees’ questions (though that is a critical element). Totem’s Benefits Service Center is an extension of our mission to be there for everyone. Our goal is always to provide your employees with the information and resources required to understand their benefits plan fully — all while taking the load off your plate.

In addition to covering inbound calls and email messages, Benefits Service Centers are an optimal employee communication tool when outbound support is provided. Totem’s Benefits Service Center’s multiple methods of proactive employee outreach – including phone calls, emails, and mobile text messages – keep employees up-to-date, engaged, and informed based on your organization’s initiatives and objectives. 

We understand the importance of branding your employees’ experience, especially through communications. Benefits Service Centers are completely customizable to the employer brand, so your employees will not view it as a separate entity, but rather an extension of your business. 

Both Employee Benefits Websites and Benefits Service Centers have proven their value for clients time and time again. And, when you partner with Totem, employee communication tools come at no additional cost. 

Employee communication makes the difference for your current staff, but also for how you position yourself as an employer of choice to candidates. It’s true what they say, communication is key. And, when applied to benefits, it’s a tactic to show your employees that their wellness is a priority for your company. 

Totem’s employee communication tools are the best in the business, and we’d love to walk you through how these tools could benefit your business, HR staff and employees. Click here to get in touch with a Totem consultant.

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