Be there for your part-

timers, your full-timers,

and your old timers.

hr consulting services
hr consulting services

Totem is the Benefits Consulting firm that does much more than consulting.  

It all started nearly 40 years ago, when Debbie Schultz followed in the footsteps of two generations before her and began a career in the employee benefits industry. Over the years, she realized that too many organizations were stuck with benefits-in-a-box solution that couldn’t grow with their business and couldn’t adequately care for their people.

Totem takes a more holistic approach to employee benefits — providing much more than benefits consulting. Our concierge-level member support center handles everything from administration to enrollment, employee communications, enhanced employee adoption and engagement, part-time benefits, and more. Why? To ensure your employees fully understand how to take full advantage of their benefits program, which maximizes overall ROI and employee satisfaction for your company.

Totem is bringing organizations everywhere a higher standard of employee care. We’re 100% independent yet growing and expanding every day. No matter how many advancements we bring to our industry, one thing will never change: our commitment to helping clients be there for everyone.

It’s nice to put a name to a face.

Our Senior Leadership

Debbie Schultz

Geoff Rowson
SVP of Consulting

Heather Sjogren
SVP of Operations

Wendy Hendrickson
VP of Account Management, National Accounts

Jose Castano
VP of Technology Solutions

Annette Griffin
SVP of Client Service

Carlene Wilkinson
Director of HR

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Senior Leadership Team

Committed to helping clients be there for everyone.

Totem team

Totem brings a more personalized approach to every area of employee benefits.

No cookie cutter solutions.

Because everyone knows what “one size fits all” really feels like.

No unanswered questions.

Because no one wants to hear “refer to your SPD” when they’ve got a burning benefits question.

No having to go it alone.

Because you can’t be there for your employees if no one is there for you.

benefits management company

Get better benefits, better service, and more.

We solve complex benefits, enrollment, and administration problems for a wide variety of clients. Speak with our benefits consultants, and see how Totem can accelerate engagement, reduce costs, and eliminate administrative bottlenecks.